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Dischem health insurance

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Dis-Chem Health Medical Insurance

Reliable and easy access to quality Dischem Health insurance care around South Africa.

Dischem health insurance

Medical insurance is an excellent choice for those who cannot afford medical scheme membership. Even though it is not a medical scheme, does not provide the same advantages as a medical scheme, and cannot be used in place of a medical scheme.

Dis-Chem Health understands South Africans’ health needs and believes that affordable private healthcare should be available to all.

Dis-Chem Pharmacies has introduced Dis-Chem Health, a health insurance programme meant to solidify the company’s expanding position as a task and contextual performance healthcare provider.

Which is why they teamed up with Kaelo and Centriq Insurance to provide health insurance products that match the needs of many South Africans, giving them peace of mind that their daily health is in excellent hands.

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Is Dischem health insurance plan affordable?

Dischem health insurance

Dis-Chem Health plan has one of the most reasonably priced Health plan for many South Africans. When it comes to their health, it is simple for you to care after for family or home help personnel by buying as policy on
their behalf.

In a world where more people are willing to pay for healthcare, Dis-Chem Health has determined that there is a need to provide the best access to affordable, high-quality private primary healthcare. This is in line with its intention and commitment to take the lead in extending universal access to a larger and underserved segment of the population.

 Access to private healthcare can favourably impact the lives of anybody who helps you at home or someone you care for. All of this is possible from R14 per day for an adult and from R10 per day for children.

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Types of cover introduced by Dis-Chem Health

The sort of coverage you get from your plan is the key distinction between the two plans. For instance, the Plus plan offers unlimited access to doctors (GP’s) as well as specialist appointments, such as those to gynaecologists and paediatricians, making it more strong and comprehensive in its coverage.

 In addition, the Plus plan provides Chronic Medication for 27 diseases, vs 7 on Core. For an overview of what each plan covers, examine our handy plan tables on the Core and Plus pages, and get in touch with a broker adviser who can assist you in making the best choice.

Available Dischem outlets

According to the business, from a cost and accessibility standpoint, its 430 in-store clinics spread over its network of more than 250 locations across the nation are well-positioned as a bridge between the public and private healthcare sectors. The fact that there is a greater need for basic healthcare services at these clinics demonstrates the importance of pharmacy in this area.

This is not a Medical Scheme and the cover is not the same as that of a Medical
Scheme. This Policy is not a substitute for a Medical Scheme.
The administrator for Dis-Chem Health is Kaelo Risk (Pty) Ltd, an authorised
financial services provider (FSP 36931).
Insurance products are underwritten by Centriq Insurance Company Limited, a
licensed non-life insurer and authorised financial services provider (FSP 3417).
The Value Added Services are Kaelo offerings. Service Providers are contracted to