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Old Mutual Funeral cover

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Old Mutual Funeral cover insurance South Africa

People living in South Africa have the privilege to plan for their demise which will help us in future, apply for old mutual funeral cover online.

Although, no one pray to die early but we should know in mind that we will all grow old die someday. We need to plan for this so that it will not come as shock to us. We a person dies the family will run here and there to source for finance for the burial activities.

Online Funeral cover insurance quotes

There are plans created by old mutual to cater for the funeral arrangements. This will reduce your debt and stress of fund sourcing you will pass through while arranging for the funeral activities.

Old Mutual Funeral cover

Old mutual funeral cover and life insurance are seen as one of the easiest and affordable option among the South Africa insurance brokers.

Old mutual extended family funeral cover

We it comes to family, funeral expenses are not little expenses. This is the time many extended families and friends will assemble. Do not be surprise when you see some new faces claiming to be your extended family or old friends. Aside from people gathering, there are some expenses which will also come your way and you don’t plan for.

Base on all these reasons, you should be able to plan ahead so that it won’t hit you in hard way.

Old mutual funeral cover is a plan should go for, so that that your family will not stress themselves by finding money to finance the funeral activities at is will fall within a short period of time.

old mutual funeral cover prices

Old mutual funeral cover works when the applicant pays some amount of money monthly for the funeral plan. This is to save for future in the event of death so that a certain amount will be paid to the family after the death. This will prevent the members of the family from struggling to get finance for the burial arrangement.

funeral cover prices can cost from as little as R31 a month, this can also include a money back guarantee.

Affordable funeral plan

Old mutual funeral plan cover a wide range with great benefits. Plans are available base of the applicant affordability. Old mutual funeral plan is created to meet the pocket of South African citizens. It is not easy to say good and lots of expenses involved so we need to plan.

Old Mutual Funeral Cover Plans

This is one of the best policies you can find in South Africa. Comprehensive policy plan, offers great benefits.

Coverage scales between R30 000 and R100 000 and cash payment benefits will be chosen as an option. Single cover is also available or include extended family members. Apply for quote or buy cover online this is safe and Secured by authorized advisors.

No Medical examination or test records needed.

Funeral Plan

Life insurance cover

It is good thing to plan for your family as we know that welfare of family is important to us. Old mutual offers services which is the best for South African citizen’s standard. In other words they have made all their services affordable and best for the South African citizen. Even the application which is done online have been developed in an easy way such that it can be done within few minutes.

Here are some purposes of subscribing to life insurance cover;

Your family will be left financially secured after your death

Old mutual will pay out lump sum of money when the breadwinner dies of diagnosed with terminal illness which can be useful for Old mutual will pay out lump sum of money when the breadwinner dies of diagnosed with terminal illness which can be useful for your family in order to generate income.

Old Mutual life cover

The money received can also be used for bill settlement such as estate duty costs and the funeral expenses.

There some benefits of you can choose in life insurance cover;

Death benefit

Final expenses benefit

Accidental benefit

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