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SA Essential Life policy online quotes and cover.

Compare quotes for life insurance in South Africa, take the necessary actions to prevent a financial tragedy to the family if one of the members had to pass away.  Prevent devastating period in life get life insurance policy back up your family members by covering them in your policy.

straightforward quotes for life cover

It’s important that we assist you in getting the latest online quotes for life insurance; you can select a range of products and services:

  • ·         Life cover: Covers in an event of death, family members can pay for financial commitments.
  • ·         Salary protection: Income protection pays you out in an event where you’re unable to work.
  • ·         Disability cover: This cover ensures that you continue to still earn an income where you’re no longer to work due to illness or injury; this enables you to get regular payments. 
  • ·         Serious illness cover: Any serious health conditions must be taken to account, illness cover policy pays out against dreaded disseise claims.

You can get online quotes for life insurance in South Africa. Life insurance quotes online has low affordable insurance cover that pays out a sums of money when your family needs it the most to assist with financial matters.

Compare few quotes for life insurance

Get a range of quotes, save on insurance policy. Gain independent advice from experts in the insurance industry, advice is accurate and advisors are qualified.

Life cover quotes online South Africa

Essential online life insurance cover quotes for all hard working citizens in South African, we believe in comparing affordable insurance cover, we have a view that everyone needs some form of insurance coverage, get quotes that are designed for your day to day lifestyle. All you need is a consultation with an expert that deals with distinctive life cover that’s flexible for SA citizens.

What’s the difference between life insurance and funeral cover?

Life cover is pay-out a sum of money when the insured individual is diagnosed with critical illness or is no longer able to perform his or her working duties. The policy can help family members to carry on paying monthly obligations or settling outstanding financial matters.

Funeral cover is a policy that will assist with funeral or burial service, Some insurance companies in South Africa go as far as putting a burial benefit together for their members.

Burial benefit:

  • –          Electricity and or Airtime (voucher)
  • –          Food Hamper (Groceries voucher)
  • –          Transport service
  • –          Tombstone (optimal)

The policy holder and there family members don’t have to worry or stress about funeral arrangements.

COVID-19 cover

quotes for life insurance

You can also get insurance coverage against covid-19, get quotes for coverage.

Cost of life insurance calculator

How much life insurance cover do you need?

You can get an indication on the amount of life insurance policy you need, Affordable simple  funeral cover insurance policies can start from as little as R25. See the difference between life cover and funeral policy.

When coming to life insurance cover it is different when coming to its calculations,

  • You’re Age:
  • Your Monthly income:
  • Level of education:
  • Smoker or non-smoker:
  • Health test:
  • Home owner or Non-home owner :
  • Marital status:
  • Number of kids:

There are some of the things that will affect the cost of your life cover policy.

Guide to quotes for life insurance

Life insurance calculator South Africa

How can I calculate how much life insurance I need?

You don’t have to stress about finding the amount you need to pay for your life insurance policy and the type of policy you need to calculate or take. Hessle free way to find out about your policy, there is no need for you to calculate your salary times the amount of years you have till retirement ad d that with interest.

Easily submit your contact details in the form and experts in the life insurance department can give you a quick no-obligation free consultation.

Apply now for online quotes.

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